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Pretty things from Portugal


Dinner Party Playlists:

You can't beat a good music compilation.  Here are our current pick of favourite dinner party Latin playlists courtesy of 8 tracks. Fantastic music from Portugal, Spain and Latin America and much much more. Perfect music to get your party started and happening. Just press 'Play'. Do you have a favourite track or playlist? Share with us and leave a comment!


A Musica Mais Fina from firefly15 on 8tracks Radio.

On a yellow tram from joaonelhas on 8tracks Radio


pequenas coisas from ditizen on 8tracks Radio

canções, chansons, canzoni, canciones from ballendaï on 8tracks Radio.

Portuguese Nuggets from SpaceBunnySounds on 8tracks Radio.


"IT'S ALWAYS SUMMER IN BRAZIL" 3 from KLUMMBY on 8tracks Radio