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Portuguese Good Luck Rooster 23cm


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Portuguese Good luck rooster 23cm

The rooster of Barcelos is a popular good luck emblem across Portugal and it’s communities around the globe. As a purveyor of good luck and fortune, the hand painted rooster of Barcelos has many artistic interpretations from the traditional roosters to the more contemporary monochromatic versions gaining popularity with younger generation hipsters. We like the traditional black and red ceramic roosters the best and it is these that we have sourced from Barcelos here at Iberica in various sizes.

The medieval legend behind the roosters, refers to an incident where a rich merchant of Barcelos, (the town after which the rooster is named), accuses one of his banquet guests from stealing from him. As a result the accused is presented before a court magistrate to protest his innocence. When given the opportunity to present his case, the accused decides to bestow the fate of his sentence in the hands of a cockerel sitting in a nearby basket. The accused indicates to the court that if is truly innocent of the crime, the cockerel would support him by crowing in protest. In the legend, the cockerel does crow in time, thereby allowing the accused to walk free. What makes the legend even more astonishing is that in certain variations of the tale circulating the cockerel is supposed to be a dead cockerel that come to life to assist the accused from his guilty fate.

The rooster of Barcelos originates from a Northern town of Portugal well know for its pottery and while there are many interpretations of the Barcelos roosters, it is the hand painted ceramic variety that really exemplify the beautiful artistry of this artisan makers. As these good luck ceramic roosters are famed for bestowing good fortune to all that accept them into their home they are especially popular as house-warming gifts. The ceramic good luck roosters is available in various sizes.

  • Material: Ceramic
  • Weight: 500g
  • Made in Barcelos, Portugal

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Weight 550 g
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