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Good-Luck Roosters – Flower Decor


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Good Luck Rooster Flower Decor

Hand-painted design good luck rooster with Flower decor. Ceramic Rooster figurine emblematic of good luck and good fortune.

  • Hand-painted motif
  • Made from Ceramic/Porcelain
  • Made in Barcelos, Portugal
  • Available in 150mm, 205mm, 240mm, 290mm & 340mm sizes
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Good Luck Rooster – Flower Decor

Hand-painted design good luck rooster with Flower decor.

The good luck rooster from Barcelos in the home is said to bring good luck to the recipient and household making it the perfect housewarming gift and is based on the legend of the Old Cockerel of Barcelos.

This striking figurine uses the traditional blue and white colour interlaced with colourful flower motif so popular in traditional Portuguese tile and ceramic ware. The Flower decor rooster is available in 5 sizes – 150mm, 205mm, 240mm, 290mm & 340mm.

The Legend of the Old Cockerel of Barcelos – Portugal

A Galician pilgrim, was leaving Barcelos en route to Santiago de Compostela, and became accused of stealing silver from a landowner which was punishable by hanging. The legend tells how the prisoner within minutes of being subjected to his sentence, requested a meeting with the judge who was about to tuck into a meal of roast cockerel. The Galician swore on the life of the cockerel that he was innocent and to prove so the Cockerel would come to life to plead his innocence.

The judge pushed aside his meal and ignored the plea. But as the prisoner was hanged, the cockerel stood up and crowed. The judge realizing his mistake hurried to the gallows and found the Galician had miraculously survived thanks to a loose knot. According to legend, the Galician returned years later to carve the Cruzeiro do Senhor do Galo now housed in the Museum Arqueologico in Barcelos Portugal.

There are variations to this traditional tale with some believers accrediting the Rooster of Barcelos with the miracle of saving the town from invasion by crowing sleepy inhabitants prior to being attached.

Ultimately, the Rooster is the Symbol of Faith, Good Luck, and Justice and is a popular feature in households around Portugal. The rooster itself is regarded as a traditional Portuguese motif perhaps made famous in other ways through the popular Chicken Piri Piri dish that is also popular across popular and in similar fast-food franchises around the world such as Nandos or more closely Oporto. 

Watch the Legend of the Old Rooster of Barcelos, Portugal here

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  • Hand-painted
  • Made from Ceramic/Porcelain
  • Originating from Barcelos, Portugal
  • Available in 150mm, 205mm, 240mm, 290mm & 340mm sizes

Additional information

Weight 600 g
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 25 mm
Available sizes

150mm, 205mm, 240mm, 290mm, 340mm

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